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03/11/2017 08:23:45
Hello I am new to the boards but I was wondering how late is "too late to begin rehabilitating my affected side ( upper left extremity)?
I am about 8 month past my stroke. I can walk fine and I am back to work.Fortunately I am right handed. I have read many conflicting opinions on this question and cant seem to get a definitive answer. I am currently working with a traditional hand PT but progress is slow. Maybe I am being impatient. But I would love some real world examples on what methods people in this community have had. to summarize, i cant raise my left arm over my head without assistance from my non effected side. I cant make a fist or any other fine motor movement with my fingers. but I can slightly curl my fingers and in a relaxed position my hand stays relatively open. I would welcome suggestions on exercises or therapy recommendations.

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Home » Stroke Survivors » when is it "too late for rehab?"