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12/01/2011 17:23:49
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the thorazine for hiccups gave me strong hallucinations i was unaware of. hope to never experience that again
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12/01/2011 17:18:33
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that was me .. not a guest oops!!!!
12/01/2011 17:18:00
Guest i was thinking of this forum recently. some nice folks here sure helped me sort through some of the fog i was steeped in several months ago. here is a concise update sudden CVA 1999 craniotomy trach etc. fortunate survivor of what i now know was a big bleed).. i feel almost normal now.. not so hazy, Still get my right and lefts easily fouled up. reading a book is frustrating? hard to focus i guess. my left leg persists on being weak but i can walk longer distances all the time. oddly standing still hurts the most.. my left soulder is awake, however my left hand remains stubborn and refuses to move despite my ongoing conversation with it, plus it hurts like CRAZY all day every day forget about cold water, just kill me instead!!. (i am a musician, and i am planning a large stroke awareness family music festival called "Music is the medicine" this year in hopes of raising enough money to get a Bio-ness hand device which my neurologist has strongly recommended in my circumstance since day 1.

my question about neurontin is. i have been taking 1000 mg a day for 2yrs now. my insurance is long gone my new primary "p.a." does not change medicines she did not introduce, and did not satisfactorily explain in my mind why i must continue to take it. is this offering any benefit? can it hurt me? i dont notice when i miss taking it, maybe a headache once. can anyone, in plain language, expand on the drugs general long term purpose so that i might better understand the need to take it. they have another 6 mos. supply ready to order up for me (this same system that had me on 2 strong beta blockers simultaneously for months before someone noticed and also gave me thorazine for hiccups!! before someone smart in my family noticed and spoke up)
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Home » Stroke Survivors » update and long term drug question?