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06/08/2017 14:08:35
topic: Muscle Spasms

I was prescribed medication for my restless legs. I'm also on medication to help control the nerves firing.

Working out is tiring and muscles are not there yet. With more work comes more pain. Don't give up. Find the right concoction to help. Get with your neurologist.
01/08/2017 21:30:06
topic: RESEARCH - How to reach stroke survivors

Hi everyone,

I am a Master's student doing research into how charities can better reach stroke survivors and carers through mass public events. I would be really grateful if you could participate in this 5 minute survey, by clicking on the link below:


Many thanks in advance!
28/07/2017 16:41:10
topic: Muscle Spasms

My mom had a stroke 8 months ago that left her with left side paralysis. She is on baclofen three times a day for muscle spasms. Even with therapy she is not improving with her paralysis - muscle spasms are increasing at night when she tries to relax in bed - is there ANY medication that can help her or it's just part of the process with the muscle spasms?
17/07/2017 10:51:18
topic: Stroke Survivors-How does stroke rehab benefit fro

Power Assistant Stimulation (PAS) provides continuous electrical pulses once the patient contracts the muscles as much strength as the preset threshold, and supplements the potential muscles strength to achieve maximum muscle contractions with the real-time adjusted stimulation according to the sEMG signals. XFT H1 Hand Rehab System adopts such innovative technology to help stroke patients with their hand problems. Check here: link
30/04/2017 10:47:57
topic: Stroke Rehabilitation Application

Posts 31
Hi, I now work as a Software Developer (MVC C#) for Anglian Water in Lincoln. What is the nature of the application you are developing, I am interested in this field of work. Thanks, John D'Arcy (Site owner)
24/04/2017 16:55:18
topic: Stroke Rehabilitation Application

Hello I am a final year software design student looking to collect information for my thesis. I am designing an application that is used to assist stroke survivors with their recovery using at home motion control. I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to complete the survey. The survey is 100% anonymous and you answers could help provide vital information for the applications effectiveness. I really appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Link to the survey:

14/03/2017 16:05:05
topic: quad stick vs normal stick

In my experience, it is better to progress to a single point stick if you can....I had my stroke in April 2016 and was using a quad stick by 3 months, therapists helped me move onto a single point stick in another 2 months... It felt odd in the beginning but Im now walking without my stick indoors and hope to get rid of the stick all together before the end of the year... A single point stick will challenge your balance more, this is likely to result in better quality walking over time pamelai1 wrote:
I currently walk with a quad stick. I'm slow and steady. I'd like to be faster at walking so have decided to work on this with the quad stick rather than mastering normal stick now. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether this is the right thing to do????
02/03/2017 14:10:15
topic: www.strokeaid.co.uk

Hello, let me start by saying I am sorry if this is not allowed. I have setup and designed my own website called www.strokeaid.co.uk. My name is Jeff and I am 38 years old and I had a major Stroke in April 2016 but before that, I had a Kidney Transplant about 7 months before the Stroke also I have medicated Diabetes and had a blood clot.

I have designed the website to offer help, support, and advice to people who have had a Stroke and other medical conditions.

God bless

26/02/2017 12:28:32
topic: Why does it take so long

Peter O
Posts 110
Hello Stroked
Interestingly I wrote this on the forum 27th December 2014

"Dear administrator

This used to be a good forum but as you dont seem to be able to maintain it now I think you should discontinue it. I replied to a person some days ago who was obviously distressed and having had a similar experience i replied to him. The reply has not appeared yet but i noticed he has gone to another forum for help. This has happened a few times in the past and also I keep getting emails to inform me someone has replied to a topic which i may have contributed to. Some of the listings that appear on the forum are sometimes over a year old and unfortunately because people dont always look at the date reply to them.
Thanks for setting the forum up and it has been helpful in the past.

Peter O
04/02/2017 00:57:24
topic: Why does it take so long

Why does it take so long to get a post on here. You type the post, it says it's pre-moderated and then you wait for what seems ages to actually see your post. Then.....do people replying to you also have their replies moderated before they show up. It takes too long. I'm sure I speak for others when I say, people want answers and they want them quickly. Maybe it's just me. I'll bet this never makes it on the board. Come on guys.
03/02/2017 01:21:42
topic: Still feeling it.

Hello all. 4 years ago to the day....happy stroke anniversary to myself.....at age 60, I had a TIA. They did every test in the book, found no evidence of a stroke or what might have caused such....so the clinical finding was that it was a TIA, most likely in the thalamus region of the brain, relating to sensation. I actually came on here afterwards and posted asking questions but got nary an answer. In fact I could not even find my thread and after figuring it was not being allowed for some reason...maybe 'cos I live in the US, I gave up and never came back.

I'm here today trying to see if what I have is normal. Because 4 years on, I am still having some of the same symptoms. It started with numbness on the right side of my face-very noticeable in my lip, like Novocaine.....went to my right arm and then eventually the whole right side of my body. Now I vaguely feel the numbness in my face but I have pain on the surface of the skin there or clean inside my ear it's tender. The numbness in the side of my body has gone but has been replaced with a sensation of heat....like I'm standing next to a heat source. Then of course some numbness and tingling etc in my right hand. My right eye area feels a little lazy and I'm always aware of that and sometimes it feels cold and wet when it is not.

Okay so that sort of covers it. I reckon, great.....so I'll have this for the rest of my life. Not to talk about myself or anything but I'm blessed to be in super shape other than that. My job is extremely physical involving a lot of heavy lifting, climbing to work in high places, bending, stooping, long hours on my feet....mostly 12hrs a day, never less than 10hrs. The only time I sit is for my 1/2 hour lunch. I've had 4 major spine surgeries and I'm still at it, working the younger dudes under the table. I work in film and television production. You might recognize some of the shows I work or have worked on....24, Shameless, The Shield, Rizolli&Isles, Animal Kingdom ( the crime drama) Code Black...etc etc to name a few. Hard work, long hours, always pressure to hurry-but I love it.

If I was to be told the sensations are normal, well then....I'll continue getting on with it.

But what I want to ask about is the hot sensation in the right outer side of my calf and thigh muscles.....it moves around a bit. It is usually worse in the am when I get up. But one day it might be in my calf, the next in my thigh...then it will be both. Mostly I feel it in my calf. Right now my thigh feels very hot.

People say once you have stroke you will have another within X amount of time.

Does anyone think these instances of feeling increased sensation could actually be related to having had or having another stroke/TIA?

(I hope this post formats the paragraphs properly-it's not looking like it in Preview. Smiley would not insert in the right place either)
25/11/2016 22:21:35
topic: quad stick vs normal stick

08/11/2016 20:52:59

I am a graduate student conducting research for a graduate level course. I am looking for stroke survivors, and stroke caregivers to take a survey. This survey will only take 5 minutes, and it is entirely anonymous and confidential. This survey will not be used for publication or anything for that matter, it will only be used to help stroke survivors, and stroke caregivers. Please take this survey or pass it along to someone you know:


Thank you!
08/11/2016 19:42:21
topic: Did your loved one have a stroke?

If you had a stroke, or you know a caregiver of a stroke survivor, please take this completely anonymous survey. This survey will not be used for publication, or anything for that matter, it will solely help those who know someone that had a stroke, and stroke survivors experiencing depression.

03/11/2016 20:29:57

Hello everyone,
?I am recruiting participants for my Psychology undergraduate dissertation and I will be investigating whether stroke survivors’ personality has had any effects on the way they engaged with post-stroke rehabilitation programmes. Levels and quality of engagement with rehabilitation could also affect overall recovery and quality of life after stroke. In the questionnaire, you will be asked questions about yourself, your stroke, your health and your personality. The survey should last approximately 30 minutes and your answers will be much appreciated.
Click on the link below to access the survey.
Thank you!
03/11/2016 10:47:08
topic: Stroke Rehabilitation University Design Project

Hello all,

I am a final year Product Design student and as part of my final University projects I have chosen to develop an aid to help stroke rehabilitation and everyday living thereafter.

I am looking to provide a new and innovative solution to stroke rehabilitation – This may be a high tech solution incorporating new technologies such as virtual reality, ultra haptic’s and robotics or it may take a low tech approach to produce a cheap, accessible solution for users to have at home to maximise on rehabilitation repetition.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could answer some quick questions to help with some vital research to allow me to fully understand the problems at hand.

These questions can be answered by anyone – a stroke victim, carer, family member, nurse etc.

1. What problems do you encounter?

2. Are there times that you feel good about yourself? – E.g succeeded in a recent rehabilitation goal?

3. Are there times when you feel bad about yourself?

4. Please send me a picture/or web link to a product that you use and state one good point and one bad point about it – This can be something from your rehabilitation or everyday life.

I hope you can find the time to answer these questions and hopefully the project will be of use to you or your loved ones – I will keep you all updated on progress etc The idea will be exhibited in July 2017 at the New Designers show in London.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to know more: benmpickard@aol.com

Many thanks,

25/10/2016 15:55:30
topic: Returning to work

Hello there.
Had a small stroke back in May. I am looking to return to work, mainly due to financial reasons.
I am a Civil Enforcement Officer , and the job involves walking between 8-10 miles a day. I need some information on what my employer needs to do to accommodate my return to work.
Thanks in advance x
22/10/2016 11:31:53
topic: Saeboflex

David Heaf
Is anyone in this forum using the Saeboflex (Saebo-flex) or have they used it. If so, could we start a thread on members' experiences with it?
15/10/2016 12:20:09
topic: UK stroke care

I am curious about people thought of the long term stroke care in the UK. My uncle was on the acute stroke rehab ward and has just been discharged. He has recovered fairly well but still has a weak right arm and leg. What do think of rehab services provided by the NHS? Will he get enough physiotherapy? I would really appreciate your opinions on this matter.
09/10/2016 12:01:21
topic: Sub-arachnoid Hemorrhage and post surgery vomiting

My mom (56yrs) had a SAH stroke on 12th Sept. The week before that she had a couple of vomitings and started having headaches which didnt go away till the stroke actually occurred.

At the hospital, we found that she had multiple ruptures in one of the arteries supplying blood to the little brain. The docs did an endovasular coiling surgery to close off that artery as they said the other artery was wide enough to handle the blood requirement of the brain. After that they did an EVD to the brain too to drain out excess blood filled cerebro-spinal fluid. Thankfully during all this process, she showed remarkable progress and the docs shifted her out of the ICU in 2 weeks and out of the hospital in 3 weeks. So she is at home with me now.

But, since last night, she has had 2 vomitings. One yesterday evening and another one a couple hours ago. She also says she has a slight headache. I am very scared and confused. Are these vomitings because of something serious or just a result of nausea due to her long list of meds she is on (include anti-seizure, anti-inflammatory, paracetamol etc). Combined with i feel i may have made her to eat a bit more than she can take (I was worried she needs strength to cope with those strong meds).

All other things with her are fine in the sense that her memory is perfect, she can think, laugh, show affection etc. She can get up on her own, but can;t walk as her legs are a bit weak.

Can anyone tell me if vomitings are a common occurrence during post-stroke recovery?
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