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12/03/2018 08:01:08


Iam in the process of getting the rover 8, I am a 8yr stroke survivor. i am basically getting this for some freedom. and exercise. my question is . during my test ride. I had trouble holding left foot on the pedal. using the power grip pedals. still didn't hold it on. paralyzed on left side. anybody have any brilliant ideas on how to keep foot attached. without using ducktape? any advice would be appreciated

please help

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28/02/2018 04:56:45
topic: Research study into life after stroke and rehab

Hi there,

I am currently doing some education research around life after stroke and rehabilitation relating to a new rehab methodology being developed. I am looking for stroke survivors of all ages to either meet over video/audio chat (I am based in Sydney) or to fill out a 2 page questionnaire. The time commitment will be 30-40min. All answers are confidential and are strictly for non-commercial purposes. Please contact Oliver at oliverme@tpg.com.au.
10/02/2018 11:07:16
topic: Ischemic stroke

Peter O
Posts 111
Hi Geoff
I am 75 next month and had a very similar stroke 10 years ago. Whole right side was paralysed , had slurred speech eye sight in right eye and memory were all affected. Good news is I am completely recovered except memory is not as spontaneous, I could not tell you the street I lived in but that's no problem now.

05/02/2018 19:36:38
topic: Ischemic stroke

It is very important that you say how long ago the stroke occurred. The worst time is the first few months, but working to effect repairs should start immediately.
03/11/2017 08:23:45
topic: when is it "too late for rehab?"

Hello I am new to the boards but I was wondering how late is "too late to begin rehabilitating my affected side ( upper left extremity)?
I am about 8 month past my stroke. I can walk fine and I am back to work.Fortunately I am right handed. I have read many conflicting opinions on this question and cant seem to get a definitive answer. I am currently working with a traditional hand PT but progress is slow. Maybe I am being impatient. But I would love some real world examples on what methods people in this community have had. to summarize, i cant raise my left arm over my head without assistance from my non effected side. I cant make a fist or any other fine motor movement with my fingers. but I can slightly curl my fingers and in a relaxed position my hand stays relatively open. I would welcome suggestions on exercises or therapy recommendations.

For More Details:
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30/10/2017 20:37:53
topic: Advice about ill health retirement

I'm recovering from a recent stroke and one option is to seek ill health retirement. It seems if I am deemed incapable of performing my usual duties I could end up retiring but on full pension.
Has anyone been through the independent medical examinations etc that this would entail? I would be interested to learn of your experiences.
26/10/2017 13:35:46
topic: Recovery Video Series


This is a video series of a friend of mine who is recovering from a stroke as a musician. I found it really inspirational and I wanted to share it.


17/10/2017 17:15:26
topic: Life After TIA

Im 29years old and suffered a mini stroke at the start of the Month 2/10/17( i know not a full blown stroke which im counting my blessings for) ive been put on clopidogrel and simvastatin by the hospital and signed off from work by my doctor untill end of the month, ive had a mri, ct scan and awaiting a echocardiogram and 48hr ecg, i feel very tired and seem to only be able to be up and about on my feet for a certain amount of time before my head starts to feel funny sort of fuzzy and makes me feel not normal, i also feel very down and generally not my normal self, Is that a normal thing to be feeling after a TIA. I have a follow up appointment at the TIA clinic at the end of November but im wondering if i should see about getting signed off from work untill ive had that appointment, i work in a busy shop where im on my feet all day if i cant even manage to walk around a supermarket for half hour without feeling funny what hope have i got of running a shop. Ive also noticed that i cannot look at my phone for too long without it hurting my eyes and giving me a headache (i suffered total loss in left eye for 20mins when had the tia)
02/09/2017 15:18:01

ioana clonis
Emotional Experiences and Challenges People Face Following Right Hemisphere Stroke

Can you help us gaining a better understanding of emotional experiences and challenges people face following right hemisphere stroke?
My name is Ioana Clonis and this study is a part of my studies for the Doctorate in Counselling Psychology (DCPsych) at New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling in conjunction with Middlesex University. The research will explore people’s emotional experiences following a stroke in the right-hand side of the brain.

The right hemisphere of the brain is particularly important in the processing of emotion and damage in this area can result in changes to emotional awareness and behaviour.

To date there have been few studies exploring the emotional experience of stroke patients. This study will help us to understand the challenges they face and recommend appropriate therapies.

Being involved in this study will entail answering some background information and taking part in a one interview with myself lasting approx. 60-90 minutes.
Participants will be encouraged to discuss their experience of stroke, and to explore how do they experience, understand and communicate emotions. They will also be encouraged to explore how is it like for them to adjust to change in their emotional awareness and behaviour.

? Participants in this study will be selected on the following criteria:
? 1. Adults between 25 and 65 years of age
? 2. The occurrence of a stroke in the right-hand side of the brain
? 3. 6 months recovery time after the onset of stroke
? 4. Fluent in the English language

If you are interested in taking part in this study, please contact me on the number or email below
0845 5577752 or IC238@live.mdx.ac.uk.

Thank you very much in advance,
Ioana Clonis
28/08/2017 17:41:46
topic: Neurologist

Hi, I'm new on here hope I'm doing this right.
I had a TIA/stroke ??beginning of June this year right sided weakness that resolved within a couple of days. I was in hospital for 3 days all relivent tests and blood tests done everything came back normal or clear. I had very painful hands and fingers felt like electric shocks running through them very sore couldn't have anything touching them, that has worn off a little but my leftEye side is causing me concern I can't have any metal such as buckle off a belt or buttons on jeans touching my tummy on left side, can't feel water temperature on left side, even rain drops landing on my body causes me pain, can't put my hands under cold running water, it feels like there's a fire ball in my left calf. I've got an appointment for September to see neurologist I just wondered if anyone else has suffered these symptoms, I'm also registered blind I have no periviol view and this has been affected too. I'm not on any medication as all results were clear bit I'm hoping I am prescribed something to help me feel as if I'm getting back to normal.
Thankyou for any advice that's offered
26/08/2017 17:24:31
topic: Understanding my friends attempts to talk

Hi all,
I hope you can help. My friend had a stroke about 10 days ago and she's making quite a good come back considering how bad she was when she first went into hospital. At the moment she's shifting between perfect sentences to a seemingly meaningless jumble of words. We've already established that sometimes she's talking in metaphors to express herself, but another thing she has been doing is repeating lots of numbers. She was worried about her mortgage, which explained some of it, but we've explained it's being sorted out now. We did wonder if she was desperately trying to tell us her PIN number, or possibly odds of some race (she used to work in a betting shop). Another theory is that when she says "one, two, three, four" its phonetic and she means "want to" instead of "one two" (and then just carries on).

I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this repeating of numbers and how they could be translated?

Many thanks.
25/08/2017 02:35:00
topic: How to overcome hand problems after stroke?

Many stroke or other central nerve system injured patients are suffering from hand problems. In order to help patients overcome hand problems, XFT launched the H1 Hand Rehab System, the first wearable hand rehabilitation device that combines biofeedback sEMG, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES), EMG Triggered Stimulation (ETS), Power Assistant Stimulation (PAS) and integrated electrode, providing perfect user experience for medical personnel and patients. Know more about H1 from YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkpYVQZ-IMk

Intended use of H1:
·Increase hand function
·Increase or maintain hand range of motion
·Reduce muscle spasms
·Retard muscle atrophy
·Reeducate muscles
·Increase blood circulation

Now, XFT provides you a FREE opportunity to use the H1. check the online free trial application here: http://www.xft-china.com/english/Products/H1_Hand_Rehab_System_XFT_2003E/2017/0710/194.html
06/08/2017 14:08:35
topic: Muscle Spasms

I was prescribed medication for my restless legs. I'm also on medication to help control the nerves firing.

Working out is tiring and muscles are not there yet. With more work comes more pain. Don't give up. Find the right concoction to help. Get with your neurologist.
01/08/2017 21:30:06
topic: RESEARCH - How to reach stroke survivors

Hi everyone,

I am a Master's student doing research into how charities can better reach stroke survivors and carers through mass public events. I would be really grateful if you could participate in this 5 minute survey, by clicking on the link below:


Many thanks in advance!
28/07/2017 16:41:10
topic: Muscle Spasms

My mom had a stroke 8 months ago that left her with left side paralysis. She is on baclofen three times a day for muscle spasms. Even with therapy she is not improving with her paralysis - muscle spasms are increasing at night when she tries to relax in bed - is there ANY medication that can help her or it's just part of the process with the muscle spasms?
17/07/2017 10:51:18
topic: Stroke Survivors-How does stroke rehab benefit fro

Power Assistant Stimulation (PAS) provides continuous electrical pulses once the patient contracts the muscles as much strength as the preset threshold, and supplements the potential muscles strength to achieve maximum muscle contractions with the real-time adjusted stimulation according to the sEMG signals. XFT H1 Hand Rehab System adopts such innovative technology to help stroke patients with their hand problems. Check here: link
30/04/2017 10:47:57
topic: Stroke Rehabilitation Application

Posts 31
Hi, I now work as a Software Developer (MVC C#) for Anglian Water in Lincoln. What is the nature of the application you are developing, I am interested in this field of work. Thanks, John D'Arcy (Site owner)
24/04/2017 16:55:18
topic: Stroke Rehabilitation Application

Hello I am a final year software design student looking to collect information for my thesis. I am designing an application that is used to assist stroke survivors with their recovery using at home motion control. I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to complete the survey. The survey is 100% anonymous and you answers could help provide vital information for the applications effectiveness. I really appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Link to the survey:

14/03/2017 16:05:05
topic: quad stick vs normal stick

In my experience, it is better to progress to a single point stick if you can....I had my stroke in April 2016 and was using a quad stick by 3 months, therapists helped me move onto a single point stick in another 2 months... It felt odd in the beginning but Im now walking without my stick indoors and hope to get rid of the stick all together before the end of the year... A single point stick will challenge your balance more, this is likely to result in better quality walking over time pamelai1 wrote:
I currently walk with a quad stick. I'm slow and steady. I'd like to be faster at walking so have decided to work on this with the quad stick rather than mastering normal stick now. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether this is the right thing to do????
03/03/2017 10:02:26
topic: Early warning symptoms before stroke

Hello people....

Thanks for sharing your first hand experiences..hope this will help in your research sati
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